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Feeling a bit groggy and have one hell of a headache, but I promised myself I'd start using this LJ and so here I am. Was out all night last night and attempted to make a Starbucks frappachino imitation with Katie and Natalie but it turned out more of a crumbly, milky mess (although I wasn't too bothered, I didn't exactly expect a recipe found in Yahoo Answers to work out well). All in all, an unsuccessful and unproductive day.

Anyway, first rec post! *squee*

i've been in your body and it was a carnival ride by [livejournal.com profile] postcardmystery
Marvel; Steve/Bucky, Tony; 11,000 words; nc-17
Steve's asleep again when Bucky gets home, (home, he's calling it home inside his head, now, and he can't think about it, he can't), and this just keeps happening, the way he just keeps crawling in bed beside Steve, too scared to touch him, even with the arm that doesn't really feel anything, and he thinks about the way that Tony looked at Pepper, just before he left, how easyit was, and he shuts his eyes, shuts his eyes and tries to think thoughts that won't mean he end up in the shower again, biting into his hand so Steve won't hear, red with humiliation and red because this is what he's always done and it's still so good, and he fights it down and down and down and falls asleep, still not touching, because touching hurts, and it shouldn't, Steve's his oldest friend, but it does, it does. 
Steve has a tattoo. Lovely dialogue (and I especially loved Tony's matchmaking).

Aching for Game of Thrones season three since I watched a few hours of of the season one marathon on tv this morning, although I'm slightly scared since I've only read the first book and spoilers have me told it's not exactly fluffy bunnies and rainbows. In the meantime I'll probably be reading all the Theon/Robb and Loras/Renly* in my to-read list.


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