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I haven't had time to post anything these last couple of days because it seems like all I do at the moment is drink coffee and study. This is basically just an update post so it doesn't seem like I've been neglecting my LJ since I promised to post at least a few times a week. 


RECS RECS RECS I HAVE RECS. I've really been missing Teen Wolf and also am upset about Colton Haynes (aka Jackson) leaving *tears everywhere* so to fill this huge void in my heart I stalked Daunt's art tag and read a couple of Sterek fics to brighten my day up a little. Shiver by canistakahari is the cutest little ficlet ever and awh it's been a while since I read something fluffy. Also an untitled coffee shop au (which, face it, are the best kind of AUs) by [livejournal.com profile] angel_raider that's also kinda fluffy and 
“I said his coffee was on the house,” Derek suddenly says, burying his face in his hand. Erica stills. 
“What?” she questions, raising an eyebrow. “What?”
“Oh, shut up.”
“You actually let him not pay? Even I don’t get free coffee!” Erica nearly shouts, an offended expression plastered over her face. “What-”
“Twice,” Derek goes on, trying to ignore her. “Twice.”
Erica sits there, and stares at him. “Oh my god.”

I have decided that Hugh Jackman would be a great older Sirius. Like, he totally rocks a leather jacket. I started watching Breaking Bad but currently only on 1x05, so will discuss that when I get to finishing season 1. Also, I'm going to see Perks on Saturday which I'm unbelievably excited for because PERKS and EZRA MILLER but lets hope Emma Watson's accent doesn't ruin it because I've heard it's not exactly great. Logan Lerman wasn't quite what I imagined for Charlie, but I love him anyway so I'm fine with that. Mainly, I'm looking forward to Patrick as Dr. Frank-N-Furter because EZRA MILLER IN A DRESS DO I NEED TO ELABORATE?

Good episode, also Sir Mordred, wow. He's a knight now. Cool. Merlin and Arthur are basically bickering like an old married couple as per usual, Gwen is the HBIC and that alien thing is still pretty freaky. Whatever, I'll review better next week. Why did I even use a spoiler cut for this? (Note to self: find a cute Merlin icon)


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