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I haven't had time to post anything these last couple of days because it seems like all I do at the moment is drink coffee and study. This is basically just an update post so it doesn't seem like I've been neglecting my LJ since I promised to post at least a few times a week. 


RECS RECS RECS I HAVE RECS. I've really been missing Teen Wolf and also am upset about Colton Haynes (aka Jackson) leaving *tears everywhere* so to fill this huge void in my heart I stalked Daunt's art tag and read a couple of Sterek fics to brighten my day up a little. Shiver by canistakahari is the cutest little ficlet ever and awh it's been a while since I read something fluffy. Also an untitled coffee shop au (which, face it, are the best kind of AUs) by [livejournal.com profile] angel_raider that's also kinda fluffy and 
“I said his coffee was on the house,” Derek suddenly says, burying his face in his hand. Erica stills. 
“What?” she questions, raising an eyebrow. “What?”
“Oh, shut up.”
“You actually let him not pay? Even I don’t get free coffee!” Erica nearly shouts, an offended expression plastered over her face. “What-”
“Twice,” Derek goes on, trying to ignore her. “Twice.”
Erica sits there, and stares at him. “Oh my god.”

I have decided that Hugh Jackman would be a great older Sirius. Like, he totally rocks a leather jacket. I started watching Breaking Bad but currently only on 1x05, so will discuss that when I get to finishing season 1. Also, I'm going to see Perks on Saturday which I'm unbelievably excited for because PERKS and EZRA MILLER but lets hope Emma Watson's accent doesn't ruin it because I've heard it's not exactly great. Logan Lerman wasn't quite what I imagined for Charlie, but I love him anyway so I'm fine with that. Mainly, I'm looking forward to Patrick as Dr. Frank-N-Furter because EZRA MILLER IN A DRESS DO I NEED TO ELABORATE?

Good episode, also Sir Mordred, wow. He's a knight now. Cool. Merlin and Arthur are basically bickering like an old married couple as per usual, Gwen is the HBIC and that alien thing is still pretty freaky. Whatever, I'll review better next week. Why did I even use a spoiler cut for this? (Note to self: find a cute Merlin icon)

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I think Arthur/Eames is fast becoming my second OTP (level with Derek/Stiles, second only to Remus/Sirius) and I'm currently reading A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall by [livejournal.com profile] aimlesstravels which is long and detailed and it's an AU about a World War III set in 2020, except it still includes all the dream stuff, so it's not a complete AU I guess and it's so good

I also went to see Ed Sheeran at the Hammersmith Apollo last night which I can't even describe my feelings for. I'm been obsessing over him for quite a few years now, before anyone had ever heard of him (BOOM a wild hipster appears), so this was something I was looking forward to for ages and it was so worth the wait. AND I was one of the lights in a photo he took of the crowd so

Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 00.25.42

OH GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!! JAMES MCAVOY WAS SITTING NEXT TO ME IN A RESTAURANT TODAY AND OH MY GOD I ALMOST SCREAMED. He's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. No one else in the restaurant seemed to recognise him though, what? And he smiled at me. He actually smiled at me. *squees*

In other news, I figured out how to crosspost from DW and it seemed to work, but when I checked the post on my LJ the cuts and spoilers were all messed up. I'm probably going to end up trying to crosspost all my recent posts in bulk sometime in the future when I've got time, but for now I have little to no patience for it after spending half an hour on it the first time around. Meh.

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1. Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis. While watching I came across a comment which I think would be more accurate in describing my thoughts throughout the video and with convincing you to watch it rather than rambling on about something (help me i'm doing it now too oh)

(check my LJ post for the video, this crossposting madness is really fucked up)

Now I have urges to write pirate!au fic. Oops. Anyway, being me, I obviously had to go and look at pretty much every other song this Cosmo had ever written/sung and found this one which I really liked and wow I love discovering new artists.


2. Also YES STEREK FRAT PARTY AU by minusoneday (did I ever mention how much I love AUs?)!!!

So far, college has taught Stiles three things:
1) Eight am classes are cruel and unusual and should be avoided at all costs, even if it means having to enroll in something truly hideous instead, like Econ 101.
2) Dorm security is just as tight as Stiles’ orientation leader had promised it would be, and the dude guarding Scott’s dorm in particular does not respond well to bribes.
3) Mrs. McCall clearly had no clue what she was talking about when she’d insisted that Scott and Stiles needed to branch out and room with strangers, so it’s all her fault that Scott ended up with a total dick of a roommate and Stiles got stuck all the way across campus with some guy who has a girlfriend two towns over and is thus never around.
Or, the one where pledge brothers Stiles and Scott start a prank war with Derek Hale's fraternity.

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After watching Inception for the fourth time last night, it struck me how I haven't actually read any Arthur/Eames fic even though I consider them one of my OTPs. So, I made it my mission to find a nice, long fic and stumbled across this gorgeous domestic!verse by [livejournal.com profile] gyzym. I literally stormed right through from the beginning to the end and didn't take a break until I was done. It's warm and fuzzy and made me tingle all over, but at the same time it's hot and believable and not too fluffy at all. I didn't even know what to do with myself when I'd finished it all, to be quite honest.

Since this is supposedly my personal fic/book/anything really recommendation LJ, I thought I'd rec one of my all-time favourite Teen Wolf fics, (sacred) in the ordinary by idyll. Basically it's one huge pack!fic with a really, really slow build up to the Derek/Stiles. It's not really one of those fics that goes from Derek hating Stiles to them being all lovey-dovey and extra fluffy but it starts with the pack already formed and strong and comfortable with each other and with Stiles and Derek as the two Alphas of the pack (although Stiles is only Alpha unofficially, since he's still human). However, it wasn't even the shipping that drew me to this fic - it was that the pack was portrayed in such a primal, non-verbal and sensual way that I could not stop reading. Honestly. (And I have a bit of a thing for the rest of the pack knowing about Stiles and Derek before even they do, so.)

One more rec, and then I'm out.

Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect by xylodemon (for some reason my LJ isn't letting me link to her properly)
Harry Potter; Minerva Mcgonagall, Dumbledore's Army; 2700 words; PG
Over a month had passed, but Hogwarts still smelled of blood and dust and smoke.

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LOOK I HAVE A DREAMWIDTH LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! Now all I have to do is figure out how to crosspost, yay.

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Got a delicious account today and spent a good couple of hours transferring a ton of bookmarked fics, recs and masterposts into it, since I've accidentally deleted all my (non-retrievable!) bookmarks at least four times before. Oops. While going through my *HUGE* folder of Remus/Sirius I reread a few of my favourite fics and wow, the nostalgia. Shame I wasn't on LJ when RS was the big thing, since I'm still catching up on some of the most read fics in the wolfstar fandom. (Oh, apparently they've renamed themselves stargazers, or something? Both ship and shipper names make me cringe a little every time, to be honest.)

I plan on doing a huge RS rec post in the future, although it'll be mainly for self-reference since I'm not too sure anyone even writes RS fic anymore, but in the meantime I thought I'd rec a few of my favourites that I've just transferred. I'm sure there's more that I haven't moved over yet, but I'll save those for another time, ey.

The Shoebox Project by [livejournal.com profile] ladyjaida and [livejournal.com profile] dorkorific
I can't even find an acceptable summary for this, like, no. If you ship RS and you haven't read this, then clearly you've been living under a rock for the last ten years. In short, it's a novel-length marauder epic based on Remus and Sirius through letters and notes and photos and whatever else is in the hypothetical "shoebox". It's funny and romantic and so, so realistic and you should read this regardless of if you ship it or not because it's just that good. And RS aside, the banter and the bromance and overall relationship between the marauders is beautifully written and I really just can't put into words how much I love this fic ok JUST GO NOW NOW NOW.*

Abner of Astlegate's Most Splendid Pox by [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon
Sirius climbed back into bed and fwumped down beside him. “Moony, I don’t want you to turn into a chicken.”
Remus turned his head and gave him a look of supreme patience. “I’m not going to turn into a chicken.”
Sweet, with dialogue that had me dying with laughter.

Boiling Point by [livejournal.com profile] anniesj
Six hours stuck in a closet with someone you love -- it's the best kind of hell imaginable.
Hot hot hot, so in-character and so boyish and wow, it filled my hand-kink.

Seven Things That Didn’t Happen On Valentine’s Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did. by [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock
“At seven thirty-six AM on February fourteenth, the giant squid climbed out of the Hogwarts lake, dragged itself in front of a nondescript part of the castle, and began to sing “Daisy”. Before the encore performance and right after a glorious vibrato finale, the squid dedicated the song to Severus Snape, who had appeared at one of the nondescript windows at twenty minutes ’till eight.”
This was hilarious, the marauders at their best. Brilliant.

Oh, Night, and Divine (The Selfish Wish Remix) by [livejournal.com profile] imochan
"Fucking ponce, look," James thrusts a sore-looking finger under Sirius's nose. "Your tap, your tap."
"You were swearing at it," he grins. He grins because the words taste like Remus, and he has a present in a brown paper bag, and he's going to ask him, again, it's been a year, and he's been good, and the world holly-red and perfect, even in this flat. 
"Lupin, you stop telling him blasphemies, you'll get coal again," says James, over the top of his head.
Remus flips him off with sleepy, white fingers. 
Lazy bastard, they all say, affectionately, and pile blankets onto the small body and funnel willow-cinnamon tea into his belly and lay him out, a bundle of warm-bread, a sacrifice for happiness – look at what we do, they say.

Oh, this is my favourite. Quiet and beautiful.

vast amount of bollocks by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon
"Oh, good gods!" Snape spat. "That's disgusting!" 
"Mr. Moony thanks Professor Snape for his opinion, and asks him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business." Lupin replied, mostly into Black's mouth.

Short and sweet.

the science of a tilting axis by [livejournal.com profile] setissma
I will not let this consume me, he thinks, but thoughts, like men, often fail.
Achingly beautiful.

doubt the curve of the earth by [livejournal.com profile] likespoons
Remus would doubt the curve of the earth before he’d doubt that Sirius means it.
Wonderfully written, I adore the structure.

beautiful, once by [livejournal.com profile] imochan
Too short to post a quote of it, but this ficlet was written so beautifully I could have cried.

to you, were winding by [livejournal.com profile] likespoons
Again, this is too short to quote but even so, it made me cry.

Gosh, I thought I had less than that. Will update with more soon, but this was enough to remind me why exactly RS is my OTP of all OTPs.

*If you still need convincing, have a scroll through this.

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A couple more recs from the Marvel Universe, and then I think I'm done for the night.

Five Avengers who were Hunger Games Champions (and one who wasn’t) by [livejournal.com profile] pearldrop
Avengers; Gen; 2496 words
As a punishment for rebelling against the Capitol, each year the Districts must supply two tributes, one girl and one boy between the ages of 12 and 18, to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. 
Harsh and beautiful, and the way Steve's and Natasha's parts were interwoven really just hurt.

Semaphore by DevilDoll 
Avengers; Steve/Tony; Explicit; 40000
"I’m trying to like you, Tony. You’re just making it very hard."
I read this a while ago, and it was heartwarming and funny in all the right places.

And now I'm off to watch Iron Man (for the hundredth time) with Jake.

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Feeling a bit groggy and have one hell of a headache, but I promised myself I'd start using this LJ and so here I am. Was out all night last night and attempted to make a Starbucks frappachino imitation with Katie and Natalie but it turned out more of a crumbly, milky mess (although I wasn't too bothered, I didn't exactly expect a recipe found in Yahoo Answers to work out well). All in all, an unsuccessful and unproductive day.

Anyway, first rec post! *squee*

i've been in your body and it was a carnival ride by [livejournal.com profile] postcardmystery
Marvel; Steve/Bucky, Tony; 11,000 words; nc-17
Steve's asleep again when Bucky gets home, (home, he's calling it home inside his head, now, and he can't think about it, he can't), and this just keeps happening, the way he just keeps crawling in bed beside Steve, too scared to touch him, even with the arm that doesn't really feel anything, and he thinks about the way that Tony looked at Pepper, just before he left, how easyit was, and he shuts his eyes, shuts his eyes and tries to think thoughts that won't mean he end up in the shower again, biting into his hand so Steve won't hear, red with humiliation and red because this is what he's always done and it's still so good, and he fights it down and down and down and falls asleep, still not touching, because touching hurts, and it shouldn't, Steve's his oldest friend, but it does, it does. 
Steve has a tattoo. Lovely dialogue (and I especially loved Tony's matchmaking).

Aching for Game of Thrones season three since I watched a few hours of of the season one marathon on tv this morning, although I'm slightly scared since I've only read the first book and spoilers have me told it's not exactly fluffy bunnies and rainbows. In the meantime I'll probably be reading all the Theon/Robb and Loras/Renly* in my to-read list.


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Ok so I made an LJ (finally) and yeah, I just thought it would be a good way to keep track of everything that I read/do/watch and whatnot. I'm hopeless at intros and I've only got five minutes before I have to leave for lunch, so maybe I'll be back later to update this post with an introductory meme or something. 

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