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Name:joseph gordon-levitt
Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Interests (123):

alaskan malamutes, alternate universes, american politics, angry rants, anything with draco malfoy, art, arthur/eames, autumn, avengers family bonding, awkward angled boys, basically everything john green, batman, ben howard, blankets, blushing steve, bon iver collabs, book covers, books, brooding!derek, bucky barnes, butts, chaptered fics, chihiro/sen, chris' butt, cillian murphy, classic sherlock holmes, coffee, coffee shop aus, collarbones, colourful hair, colton haynes, commas, confused!derek, cute anime movies, cute boys with glasses, danny from teen wolf, dean winchester's puppy eyes, draco malfoy, dramione, drarry, dron, dry humour, dylan o'brien's hands, dylan o'marry me, ed sheeran, ezra miller's face, ezra miller's hair, hand!kinks, hermione granger, high tops, historical aus, huskies, imagine dragons, imprinting aus, inception, irish accents, james/remus, jealous!derek, kink, london, lots of smut, lowercase, marauder!gen, marvel, meaningful lyrics, menswear, moony/padfoot, more slash, new york, nezumi/shion, not really pwp, onesies, oversized christmas jumpers, pack!fics, padfoot/moony, panic! at the disco, parentheses, photography, pining, poetry, pop culture references, pugs, red hair, regulus black, remus lupin, remus/regulus, run-on sentences, sarcasm, scottish!remus, sirius black, sirius/regulus, sirius/remus, slash, slutty!remus, smitten!derek, smoker!remus, snow, starbucks frappachinos, stationary, steampunk, sterek, steve/bucky, stiles stilinski, straight boy sex, stubble, subtext, sushi, the eleventh doctor, theatre, top!remus, travelling, tyler hoechlin, university aus, unrequited love, wank!fic, warm socks, weasleys, werewolves, winter, wolves, writing, yaoi, yeah
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